1 Introduction of Trimidhi
2 Ali is from me and I am from Ali
3 Ali is the Master of believers after me
4 Ali is to me as Aaron to Moses
5 No one can convey on my behalf except myself and Ali
6 Hadith E Ghadir, Anybody who acknowledge me as Master, Ali is his Master
7 Ali will fight on the interpretation of Quran
8 The Prophet’s confidential talk with Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib
9 Special Status of Imam Ali(as)
10 Loving Imam Ali is the symbol of faith
11 I am leaving two things among you Quran and Ahlulbayt
12 Muawiya bin Abu Sufyan involved in abusing Imam Ali
13 The Holy Prophet showed love for Imam Ali
14 Imam Ali and Lady Fatima are the most loved for Holy Prophet
15 Lady Fatima(as), Imam Hassan(as) and Imam Hussain(as) are the head of heaven
16 Rebellious group will kill Ammar ibn Yasir
17 I have given order to love Ali, Abu Dharr, Miqdad and Salman
18 Imam Ali is the one who prayed with the holy Prophet(pbuh) before anybody else.
19 Special love of the Prophet with Ali, Fatima, Hassan and Hussain
20 Special status of Imam Ali, Lady Fatima, Hassan and Hussain.
21 The Prophet cried on the kiliing of Imam Hussain
22 Hussain is from me I am from Hussain
23 Heaven is waiting for 3 personalities
24 The Prophet said to Ali, fatima, Hassan and Hussain “I am in war with that person who is at war with you”
25 Special Status of Lady Khadija

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