Questions on Shia Point of view about Caliphate-Immamate

Questions on Shia point of view about Caliphate (Immamate)  part – 2

Did Imam Ali mentioned Ghadir for himself ? and claimed for his own Caliphate?

Did all the Companions of The Holy Prophet had become apostate except three?

Shia belief about Imam Al-Mahdi! Who is awaited Imam?

Shia’s belief about Infallibility of the Imams

Performing two prayers together ! Is it allowed in Islam?

Performing prostration on clay! What is sharia law about this?

What is Taqqiyya’h ? Is Taqqiyya’h allowed in Islam?

What is Muta’h ? Is Muta’h allowed in Islam?

Shia’s belief about Bada’a ! What is Bada’a?

Shia’s belief about Raj’ah. What is Restoration to life?


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