Companion Samurah involved in selling wines

We have mentioned such narrations here just to correct our Sunni fellows who claim that all the Companions of The Holy Prophet are like stars follow anyone you will be guided. But in Bukhari and Muslim we find some shocking facts that not all the Companions are righteous, some of them were involved in adultery and drinking. Please read the narration in sahih Muslim.

alcohol is sahih muslim

Please also read the last part of the narration.

” `Uthman further said, ‘The what are these talks which are reaching me from you? As for what you ha mentioned about Al-Walid bin ‘Uqb; Allah willing, I shall give him the leg; punishment justly. Then `Uthman ordered that Al-Walid be flogged fort lashes. He ordered `Ali to flog him an he himself flogged him as well.”

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