Moawiya bin Abu Sufyan involved in cursing of Imam Ali

This is narration says when Moawiya bin Abu Sufyan used to appoint a Governor, he used to give orders to his Governors to curse on Imam Ali in mosques and public places. When he appointed Sa’ad bin ABi Waqas he asked for it. Sa,ad bin Abi Waqas said there are three virues of Imam Ali I can not do so, Please read those 3 promonent virtues of Imam Ali in this narration.

3 prominent Virtues of Imam Ali



This is very well proven fact (unfortunatly) that Moawiya started cursing on Imam Ali in mosques (Friday and Eid sermons), It remained for many decades until the time of Umar bin Abdul Aziz (Ummayad caliph), he stoped it.

This is also a proven reality that along with cursing on Imam Ali (as) Moawiya fought war with Imam Ali, thousands of people got killed. We discussed these things in our articles, we can not talk much in here about Moawiya’s enemity with Imam Ali.

Please read from Nissaie, The Holy Prophet said ” Anybody who curse Ali, curses me”.

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