Some Funny narrations of Sahih Muslim

1 Abu Hurayra Performed Wudhu until shoulder
2 Eating food touched with fire, invalidates the ablution
3 After eating camel’s meat you need to perform Wudhu
4 Satans will recite Quran among people
5 Three things (woman,dog,donkey) invalidate the prayer
6 One part of hell fire ate other part of hell fire
7 Women cheat on their husband because of Eve
8 If someone has sexual intercourse but not discharged- bath is not needed
9 If the genital parts of man and woman touch with each other bath is obligatory
10 Fever is due to the intensity of Hell fire
11 Bad luck in Land, Servant and Horse
12 Interest is allowed in Credit (loan)
13 Rats are metamorphosis of Israelite – narration by Abu Hurairah
14 Dajjal is Alive and waiting for the permission to come out
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