The Holy Prophet showed special love for Imam Ali

These narrations show special love for Imam Ali, the Holy Prophet parayed O Allah send to me your most beloved person from your creation, the Holy Prophet did not allow Abu Baker and Omar, the holy Prophet allowed only Imam Ali. This is true narration in Sunni sources, Imam Tarimdhi also mentioned this narration.

In Second narration we find that the” Holy Prophet did not ask anything from Allah but same thing  also asked for Imam Ali.”

English Translation

Anas bin Malik reported:

The Holy Prophet got a (roasted) bird, The Prophet (pbuh) prayed O Allah send to me your most beloved person who will eat this bird with me, Abu Baker came, and Omar bin Khattab came then (Imam) Ali came. The Holy Prophet allowed Ali (to eat that bird with him).

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Another Narration:

English Translation
(Imam) Ali ibn Abi Talib narrated:

I got sick, the prophet visited me while I was lying down on the bed, the prophet sat down beside me and covered me with his cloth when I feel comfortable then the Prophet left to mosque for prayer. After prayer prophet came back and took away that cloth and said “Oh Ali stand up.” Then I stood up. I felt myself that I am healthy as I did not have any sickness. Then prophet said “Whenever I asked something Allah in the prayer, Allah granted me. I never asked anything from Allah but same thing I also asked for you.”

Arabic text

part – B includes urdu translation

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