The Holy Prophet said Ali has resemblance to Jesus

The Holy Prophet said about Imam Ali exactly same happened. We know that many people believe that Imam Ali is God or they believe those thing about Imam Ali which makes equal to God. We also know that Kharijities and Nasibis have hatered about Imam Ali. We know in our daily life how some Muslims try to hide the virtues of Imam Ali, and do not give that status to Imam Ali which Alalh and his Prophet gave him.

We would like to say that the followers of Imam Ali hide the virtues of Imam Ali because of fear of death and the enemies hide the virtues of Imam Ali that they can not accept the special status of Imam Ali. They say all sahaba (everybody) is equal.

English Translation:

Ali ibn Abi Talib narrated:
The Holy Prophet said about me “You have some similarity with Issa bin Mariam, Jews hated him even they tried to blamed on his mother and the Christians love him so much until they raised him above from his status(God).

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