Imam Ali said I am SADIQ E AKBAR anybody claim this is a liar

We have presented the narrations collected by Imam Nissaie that Imam Ali said I am the Sadiq e Akbar anybody who claim after me is a liar and Imam is the one who accepted Islam first and prayed with the Holy Prophet 7 years before anybody else. These narrations also prove that Imam Ali who was grown up in the hands of Holy Prophet and learnet everything from the Holy Prophet since his childhood.

English Translation:

Ebbad bin Abdullah reported:

(Imam) Ali said: I am the servant of Allah, brother of the Holy Prophet, I am the most righteous one SADIQ E AKBAR anybody who will claim this is a liar and I am the one who prayed 7 years (with The Holy Prophet) before anybody.

Another Narration

English Translation

Zaid bin Arqam rz said:

The person who prayed behind the Holy Prophet before anybody else is Ali, Ali is the one who accepted Islam before everybody.

Another Narration

English Translation:
Abi Ishaq narrated:

Abu Abdul Rahman bin Khalid asked from Ibn Abbas “How Ali is the inheritor of the Prophet” then he said “Surely, Ali is the one among us who joined first the Holy Prophet and he is the one who always bin attach with the Holy Prophet”.


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