An Introduction of Khasaais e Ali written by Imam e Nissaie

Introduction of Khasais e Ali

(written by Imam NIssaie 215-303 Hijrah)

There are 6 authantic books of Ah a dith among Sunni Muslims. Imam Nissaie is the writter of one Book called Sunan al Nissaie. Imam Nissaie wrote a special and separate book about the virtues of Imam Ali and collected different Ah a dith about the virtues of Imam from many chains. After writting his book Khasais of Amirul momneen Ali ibn e Abu Talib. Imam NIssaie told the virtues of Imam Ali to the people of Damascus. People asked Imam NIssaie tell us something about Moawiya bin Abu Sufyan what you have wrote about him! Imam Nissaie replied there is nothing about the virtues of Moawiya, one narration says that Imam Nissaie also said there is one hadith about Moawiya that the Holy Prophet said about Moawiya ” May Allah not fill his belly”. The people of Damascus Syria got mad at Imam Nissaie and beated him badly and crushed his testicles. Imam e Nissaie asked his people to bring him to Mecca, there Imam Nissaie may Allah bless him died with those injuries. (Shah Abdul Aziz Mohaddas Dehlvi .. Bustan al Mohaddiseen, page 189-190)




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