Introduction of Trimidhi

There are 6 authantic books of Ah a dith among Sunni Muslims. Trimdhi is one of them. We have presented our research from Trimdhi. We have collected the virtues of Ahlalbait. We got screen shots from online Trimdhi. We have pasted the link of online Trimdhi. This is official website of Saudi Wahabi religion which is run by the Ministry of religious affairs and preaching wahabism. Here is the link

We have also provided the link of main page main page link

The chapter of virtues is the last major chapter. We can check these narrations from the chapter of Virtues of Ahlalbait, virtues of Imam Ali, Virtues of LAdy Fatima, Imam Hassan and HUssain. We have shown the numbers of all Aha dith in our screen shots. We viewers can can check the online Google translation if they open this site in Google Chrome.

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