Hadith E Ghadir: Anybody who acknowledge me as Master Ali is his Master

The Messenger of Allah again announced about his successorship at the place of Ghadir and showed Imam Ali to all his followers. This hadith is well proven reality in Islam. There are hundreds of chains of narration of this hadith because there were so many people (about 100,000) in that gathering. We want to mention here the names of some books of hadith narrated the event of Ghadir. Tirmidhi, Sunan Ibn Maja, Khasa’is, by al-Nisa’I, al-Mustadrak, by al-Hakim, Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal and many other books.

Hadith e Ghadir is the one of most important hadith for the successorship of Imam Ali. The Holy Prophet conducted the ceremony of his successorship at the place of Ghadir. Ghadir is the proven reality in sunni sources. Here we have mentioned hadith e Ghadir from three narrators and also Imam Ali claimed about Ghadir, we have mentioned from 4 different narrators.

At the place of Ghadir the Holy Prophet stopped all of his companions, delivered the speech, The Prophet (pbuh) said: “Do I not have more right over the believers than what they have over themselves?” People cried and answered: “Yes, O’ Messenger of God.” Then Prophet (PBUH) held up the hand of Ali and said: “Whoever I am his Master (Mawla), Ali is his Master (Mawla). O’ God, love those who love him, and be hostile to those who are hostile to him.”

If we pay attention on this hadith, before announcing the walayah of Imam Ali, the prophet asked” Do I not have more right over the believers than what they have over themselves?”

If our Sunni brothers make any other meanings of WALI (friend, nearer, slave etc.) it is not right. There is no other choice to make the meanings of these words of the Prophet (ALAST O AWLA …) that “Do I not have more right over the believers than what they have over themselves?”

If we have to make meaning of AWLA that the Prophet is the master of believers then we have to take the meanings of the next words of the prophet as Master.

The Prophet let them acknowledge first the statement  “do I am not your master”, the believers acknowledged it, then the Prophet announced that anybody who acknowledges me as the master, Ali is his Master. The prophet raised Imam Ali’s hand and showed to people and prayed for Imam Ali” O’ God, love those who love him, and be hostile to those who are hostile to him.”

The Prophet already told his followers in his whole life many times that he loves Imam Ali, Ali is his brother and special one etc.

It was a special occasion. The Prophet held this ceremony, ordered people to make the stage, stopped his all followers in hot day for few hours. There he announced and showed his successor after him.

Our Sunni brothers acknowledge that the Prophet delivered a speech at Ghadir e Khum. But where is that speech? They do not mIf we read more details about the event of Ghadir e Khum in Sunni books, after his speech, the Messenger of Allah asked everybody to give the oath of allegiance to Ali (as) and congratulate him. Among those who gave him the oath were Umar, Abu Bakar, and Uthman. It is narrated that Umar and Abu Bakar said:

“Well done Ibn Abi Talib! Today you became the master (Mawla) of all believing men and women.”(Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, al-Musannaf, by Ibn Abi Shaybah, Tarikh, by Khatib al-Baghdadi, v8, p 290,596 from Abu Hurayrah)

Did the companions of prophet congratulated Imam Ali for friendship? That Ali is their friend now?

Why did Imam Ali gave swear of Allah to the people to testify Ghadir , Did Imam Ali want to prove them that I am your frined?

No not at all! Imam Ali wanted to remind them about Ghadir that Imam Ali is the Master of all believers (including Abu Baker, Omar, Uthman) after the Holy Prophet as the Holy Prophet is Master of all the believers
English Translation:

Sayyidina Abu Sarihah (RA) or Zayd ibn Arqam-Shubah is uncertain about it-reported that the Prophet (SAW) said, “Anybody who acknwledge me as mawli(master) Ali is his master.”

This hadith is graded as Hassan Hadith

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