Ali is the Master of believers after me

We know that Nasibis and those people who want to hide the Ghadir and do not want acknowledge Ghadir that The Holy Prophet said at Ghadir ” Anybody who acknowledges as a Master Ali is his Masteter“. They try to confuse people that actually it did not happen at Ghadir . The Holy Prophet said at the other occasion when some people complained about Imam Ali. We want to inform those people that Holy Prophet announced at Ghadir and also other occasions as well. Imam Trimdhi also mentioned this narration by Imran bin Hossien.

(We have separatly mentioned the narrations about Ghadir from many narrators).

We can clearly find in these narrations that the Holy Prophet said to those people who complained about Imam Ali, Ali is from me and I am from Ali  (as I am your Master), Anybody who acknowledges me as a Master,Ali is his Master and he is Master of All believers after me.

English Translation:

Imran ibn Husayn  narrated:

Allah’s Messenger (SAW) sent an army and appointed an amir, Ali ibn Abu Talib over them. They were a sariyah. He took a female captive from the booty. The people disliked that and four of the sahabah resolved to inform Allah’s Messenger (SAW) of what Ali ibn Abu Talib did, on meeting him. The Muslims used to meet Allah’s Messenger first thing on returning home from a journey, and then go to their homes. Thus, when this sariyah returned, they greeted the Prophet (SAW) One of the four stood and said, “0 Messenger, of Allah, do you know that Ali ibn Abu Talib did this-and-that.” Allah’s Messenger turned his face away from him. Then the second stood up and spoke as the first had, and he turned away from him.Then the third stood and spoke similar words, and he turned his face away from him. Then, the fourth stood and spoke like they had spoken. Allah’s Messenger (SAW) turned to him and anger was obvious on his face. He said, ‘What do you expect from Ali? What do you expect from Ali. Ali is from me and I from him and he is the wali (Master), of all Muslims after me.”


Here is another narration

English Translation:

Bara narrated: The Prophet sent two armies. He appointed Ali ibn Abu Talib as commander over one and Khalid ibn Walid (RA) over the other, saying, “When fighting erupts Ali (RA) (will be the commander).” Ali conquered the fort and seized a female captive (for himself). So Khalid sent me with a Letter to the Prophet (SAW) with the Complaint. I went to the Prophet (SAW) who read the letter and the colour of his face changed. Then he said, “What do you say of a man who loves Allah and His Messenger and Allah and His Messenger love him.” I said, “I seek refuge in Allah from Allah’s anger and from the anger of His Messenger, for, I am only a carrier of message.” He did not say anything (after that).


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