Prophet Ibrahim(pbuh) lied three times

There are so many contradictions in Bukhari, We have mentioned already those contradictions in our different sections. We just want to show some more narrations here in this section, In future may be we will add some more.

Prophet Ibrahim lied three time

This narration says that Prophet Ibrahim lied three times but Quran says about Prophet Ibrahim (19:41) ” And mention Ibrahim in the Book; surely he was a truthful man, a prophet.”

We need to decide whom should we believe: Bukhari or Quran. Quran declares Prophet Ibrahim a truthful man but Abu Hurairah says Prophet Ibrahim lied three times.

Actually Abu Hurairah had a friend Ka,abal Ahbar who converted to Islam from Jew religion, He introduced lots of stories from bilbe (to Muslims). Abu Hurairah and Ka,abal Ahbar btoth were close friend to Moawiya bin Abu Sufyan.

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