Najad and Satan

Najad and Satan

Both Shias and Sunnis consider such narrations about Wahabis that the holy Prophet (pbuh) told about NAJAD that afflictions and Satan will appear from that side. It means founder of Wahabi religion Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab Najadi belongs to NAJAD.Because of Wahabi religion which is not even Sunni Islam, Islam became the other name of Terrorism,extremism,suicide bombing and killing others

Please read little more about Wahabi Islam

Wahhabi religion is just established in 1737 by Mohamad Ibne Abdul Wahab Najadi. This religion was officially spreaded out by Saudi Govt backed up by British Govt.     The extremism and terrorism spreaded out all over the world on the name of Islam. They declare other sects of Islam as kafir and Mushrik.    It ultimately gives benefit to anti-Islamic forces who want to damage the image of Islam and want to make Muslim Ummah weaker.

There is lot more to discover within Islam to find out the right path of Islam. Here we would like share some website links about wahabism, this will help to know how Wahhabi sect was created by British, and the differences between Sunni school of thought and Wahhabis. Sunni Path another good link The Beginning and Spreading of Wahhabism

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