Hazrat Abu Talib, a faithful beloved Uncle of The Holy Porphet

It happened in the life of The Holy prophet (pbuh) when there was no rain in Medina for long time. People came to The Holy Prophet for the prayer to ask for the rain. The Holy Prophet prayed for the rain. The rain started immediatly after the prayer of The Holy Prophet. The Holy remembered His beloved Uncle by that time and said is there someone who can recite the poetry of my Uncle for me!

Imam Ali came forward and said O Messenger of Allah I believe you want to hear these words of poetry of your Uncle about you “And a white (person) who is requested to pray for rain and who takes care of the orphans and is the guardian of widows”.

We want to say here other people came to know about the miracles of The Holy Prophet after long time. But Hazrat Abu Talib he knew his nephew from childhood that he is miraculous personality (He is The Prophet). That’s why Hazrat Abu Talib said those words about The Holy Prophet. There is more poetry of Hazrat Abu Talib available in Arabic about The Holy Prophet.

We know well that Prophet Mohamamad (pbuh) was brought up in Hazrat Abu Talib’s hand and Abu Talib is the one who gave protection to Islam and The Holy Prophet in Mecca. When The Helper of ISlam Abu Talib died, The Holy Prophet had no other option to leave Mecca.

It is very strange that Sunni fellows bring the narartion of Saeed bin Musyyab against Hazrat Abu Talib who was not born by that time, even his father was not yet Muslim and also not living in Mecca that they nararted the story about Hazrat Abu Talib.

They bring another narartion about Abu Talib by Abu Hurairah who was not Muslim by that time and also not living in Mecca that the story against Hazrat Abu Talib.

Please lsiten the speech of famous Sunni scholar Dr. Tahirul Qadari that Abu Talib was the protector of Islam and head of believers.

When The messenger of Allah married with Lady Khadija. Hazrat Abu Talib is the one who recited the Nikkah of The Holy Prophet with Lady Khadija. We invite our Sunni fellows to read that Nikkah sermon in history books( Seerah Halbiya, Ibn e Khaldoon). They will find out that Hazrat Abu Talib was the true believer, protector of Islam and beloevd Uncle of The Holy Prophet (pbuh).


Abu talib

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