Abu Hurairah told the hadith from his own pocket

Please read this narration from Bukhari that Abu Hurairah admits himself that he told hadith from his own pocket.


As it is proven above that Abu Hurairah told stories from his own pocket and he admitted himself, Abu Hurairah must be excluded from the trustworthy list. Because we dont know what he mentioned: was it really from The Holy Prophet or from his own pockect! We want to provide some more facts about Abu Hurairah.

Please read the proof from Sahih Muslim that people used to tell Abu Hurairah ” You  make stories on the name of The Holy Prophet inorder to guide us”. We know our readers would understand easily why the people used to tell Abu Hurairah such things. We all know that how much it is big sin to make stories on the name of The Holy Prophet (pbuh)!

We want share the hadith from Sahih Muslim that The Holy Prophet said ” ‘Whoever intends to lie upon me, then let him take his seat in the Fire.’

Abu Hurairah who spent only 3 years with the holy Prophet, came up with 5,375 narrations but those people who spent thier whole life with the holy Prophet,we can not find narrations from them even 1 percent as compare to Abu Hurairah. Because Abu Hurairah told thousands of Ahadith on the name of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

Abu Hurairah used to be very poor person. After working for Moawaiya bin Abu Sufyan and after making the narrations he became very rich person. He married with the lady to whom he used to be her servent, finaly became the relative of mirwan and closer rulers of Banu Umayyads.

We want to show from Bukhari how Abu Hurairah was a poor person, later on became very rich. Please read the narration:


Please find this hadith that Abu Hurairah says himself that he used to be with the Prophet for eating.


Finally we would like to share the words of great egyptian Sunni scholar Mahmood Abu Rayya who wrote a research book about Ahadith;defending the prophet (from fake Ahadith). He says about Abu Hurairah that “what can you expact from such person who is always after (eating) filling up his stomach that he will narrate truth!”

We also want to share the words of Sheikh Taijanai al- Samawi who converted from Sunni to Shia says about Abu Hurairah ” It is enough for a person being doubtful (not trustworthy) who was appointed governor by Moawiya and blessed by him.”

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